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Consulting and Workshops


We work with a small number of hand-picked startups that are looking to accelerate their sales and marketing efforts. We generally work with early stage startups that do not yet have (or need) a full-time Marketing and/or Sales executive. We will work hands-on with a startup for a fixed period of time (typically for less than 3 – 6  months), on a defined project with very specific goals.



Customized Workshops – Typically one on one or with 2 – 3 key members of your team. Positioning, targeting, messaging, business model review, lead gen, sales/marketing enablement, customer discovery, blockages, pipeline management, buyer journey and buyer personas. Connect with us to discuss how we can help you and your team.

Positioning Workshop – This is a one-time day-long workshop to help a startup develop positioning for a single offering.

Speaking Engagements

We generally speak at startup or marketing oriented conferences on topics related to our experience as founders, sales and marketing executives or investors at successful (and not so success) startups. If you are looking for a speaker for your conference, contact us at

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