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About Us

Starting a company isn’t easy. Techno Ventures Inc (TVI) helps innovative startups and emerging growth companies take their businesses to the next level. We are a group of technologists, growth marketers, sales specialists, entrepreneurs, investors and mentors; who have started companies, learned from first hand experience, have worn all the hats, had sleepless nights, and have experienced the exhilarating highs and gut wrenching lows along the entrepreneurial journey to success.  Whether you are in the early startup phase of problem-solution fit, or further along in the product-market fit or scaling phase, or maybe you are just not getting that elusive traction you expected, we can help.

Services We Offer

Advisory Services

TVI can help accelerate your business growth whether you are striving to achieve one of the following key milestones: determining problem-solution fit, validating product-market fit, getting traction, driving growth, market positioning, go-to-market strategy, sales enablement or fundraising.


TVI can assist your founding team with getting or increasing traction, nailing your niche and building a scalable, repeatable and predictable growth engine.

We help diagnose blockages: strategy, target market, messaging, market positioning, lead generation, processes, inbound and outbound activities, content, e-mail, call scripts, pipeline management and churn.

Growth Marketing

Depending on your phase of business development, we can assist you and your team with the right growth marketing program to take your company to the next level – From a sales and marketing strategy, to a tactical execution plan that aligns your unique value proposition with your target clients buying process.

At What Stage Is Your Business?


The Basic Growth Equation

the growth equation

A) Top of the funnel — the various mechanisms where you can drive traffic and conversions to your product (SEO, Paid Acquisition, SEM, Social, etc)

B) Magic Moment — the one compelling experience that creates an initial emotional response that your customers or users first experience when using your product.

C) Core Product Value — the problem your product is solving for its customers — Is it important to the customer and is there a sizeable market behind this problem?

The goal should be to understand your growth model and your levers of growth before jumping into tactics.

Most growth professionals come into a new company and start working on A) the top of the funnel right away. The problem with this is if you don’t really understand B) and C) then you are fundamentally adding people into a leaky bucket.

Is Your Website a Leakey Bucket?